Manufacturing Facilities

We are well equipped with a complete range of machine tools & modern machines, to machine jobs of various sizes & intricate shapes. We machine parts for plastic industries.

We are known for our workmanships, quality, timely dispatch & cost effectiveness in manufacturing machines & heavy engineering units.


Injection Barrels

Injection barrels are mainly use in plastic and robber injection molding machineries for making plastic and rubber products.

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Deep Hole Drilling

A deep hole is defined by its depth to diameter ratio (D:d), and it is a precision process to drill deep holes in a variety of materials

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Gun Drilling

Gun drilling is a process that produces Small holes in deep & straight in a variety of materials. A gundrill tool differs

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Turnkey Projects

Complete project usually including many major units of plant completed under one overall contract,

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Oil and Gas Industries

Gas pipeline infrastructure in the country stood at 15,808 km in December 2015.

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There are many solutions for your application, ideas and requirement we can design and develop.

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  • Deep hole drilling (VDF V800 BOEHRINGER GOPPINGEN – GERMAN MAKE)
    Machine with a range of drill Ø50mm to Ø225mm and a depth up to 6000mm Length
  • Gun drilling machine
    (Drilling range Ø6mm to Ø20mm and depth up to 1200 to 2000 mm Length)
  • CNC Turning working Size Ø550 x 350L and Ø350 x 4200L
  • LCNC Turning working size Ø600 x 1800L with double turret Slant bed
  • HARTFORD Vertical machining center X-2000, Y-2000, Z-800 (ISO-50) with auto tool changer.
  • Horizontal boring machines German Make TOS and Sherman
    X-1400 Y-1200 Z-1500 and X-1200 Y-1200 Z-1400Radial Drill machines RM65 HMT / RM63 Energy
  • Milling machines (Horizontal, Vertical & Universal)
  • Lathe machines Max.
    Ø1000 x 5000mmL, Ø450 x 6500mmL and Ø450 x 4000mmL and more.
  • Lathe machines Max.
    Ø350 x 3000mmL, Ø450 x 3000mmL and Ø250 x 2800mmL and more.
  • Cylindrical grinding machines Ø250 x 2000L & Ø400 x 3200L
  • Surface grinding machines
  • Welding Machines (ARC , MIG & TIG)
  • Gas cutting machines
  • Plasma cutting machines
  • Lifting & handlings devices