INDO-TECH ENGINEERS an ISO-9001-2008 Certified Company. We are leading manufacturers and exporters of precision machinery parts. The group was established in the year 1977 by a team of engineers. INDO-TECH is a fast growing organization managed by team of young enthusiastic entrepreneurs & management graduates. The company has dedicated and committed team, to deliver high quality products and services, to meet the customer’s expectation. Our focus has been investing in right people and right technology to deliver the best in the Industry. We are very confidential about our customers Design, Drawings and Working process.


  1. We are manufacturing customized machinery parts for Plastic Rubber injection molding machines and many more.
  2.  We are Manufacturing Customized plastic Parts from – Engineering Thermoplastic, Specialty Plastic, ect.
  3. We also undertake Development & supply of special components, sub-assemblies & S.P.M. (special purpose machine/equipment), to the requirement of our customer.
  4. We are manufacturing Heavy Fabrication as per QAP/WPS with Machining, Assembly etc.


INDO-TECH has on existing CAD software functionality for specific design requirements. These applications are created as add-ons, in the existing workbench or a newly dedicated workbench is created for the required application. The following tasks are involved

These powerful tools along with availability of high computing machines have improved both the standard of engineering designs and the methodology of the design process in many industrial applications.

Design and Analysis teams closely work together which enables our customers to bring the higher-quality products to market sooner.

Reduced product development cycle time enabling shorter Time-to-market Long term reduction in design cost Reduced effort on product development Accurate, reliable & error-free design

Benefits to our Clients

Understanding user requirements
Converting user requirements to software specifications
Application and algorithm design
Module development and testing
Module integration and testing
Implementation and maintenance


We are dedicated to achieving excellence in our work. INDO-TECH ENGINEERS maintains the highest ethical and professional standards and strives to stay on the leading edge in technology, in an ever – changing environment. While our greatest strength is the ability to understand the client goals, our success is very much attributed to strong teamwork, continuous R&D and the dedication and commitment of each and every member of the INDO-TECH family to deliver unsurpassed quality and reliable products & services to the total satisfaction of our customers. We believe that our success and future prospects are directly related to our valued customers

Development Work

Development involves the refinement and improvement of a solution. Some development work might be needed very early in the design process in order to evaluate different potential solutions. For example, it might not be possible to compare the cost of early design concepts without doing some development work to estimate what the cost of an alternative would actually be. Development work continues throughout the design process, often even after a product ships to customers. Goals of Development Work Make It Work! Of course, the primary goal of development work is to make a workable solution to your problem. This goal is true of all development efforts.

Risk Reduction

In any complicated development effort, for example, SPM ( Special purpose Machine) you will be uncertain about how well certain elements of your design solution will work. In a situation like this, it is very important to eliminate the uncertainty as soon as possible. This is called risk reduction. The longer you wait to eliminate the risk, the more likely that you will waste time on a solution that will fail. It is much better to find out that a potential solution will not work early in the design process before choosing your final solution for development.

Fail fast, fail early!

To do risk reduction, use an appropriate method of development. For example, one strategy is to prototype just a small part of the potential solution, the risky part, to make sure that it will work.


Almost any design problem has multiple requirements. In many cases, requirements might conflict with each other, at least somewhat. For example, if you try to maximize almost any characteristic of a solution (speed, appearance, accuracy etc.), the cost will go up. Optimization is the process of finding the best trade-off between your different requirements, and it is an important part of almost every development effort.